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How It Works

Bid Control

Build your Bill of Material manually or import it directly into e)SYS via a spreadsheet or CSV and share the workload.

Drawings and documents uploaded into e)SYS are automatically linked to the part number to help with the bidding process

Enter your individual cost centres for all manufacturing tasks. Teach e)SYS with the simplicity of initially entering tasks and cost centres with the flexibility to change burdens, G&A and profit margins for individual bids.

Manufacturing tasks and their costs are constructed efficiently and accurately using individual work centre cost data available for each unique task.


Quickly and easily build quotation packages and send them straight to vendors where they can enter pricing and delivery directly into e)SYS, saving data entry time and duplication.

Review all returned vendor quotes and select prices to the bid by flagging each best value proposal.


All supplier pricing and delivery data for materials, metal finishing, hardware and outsourced labour can be viewed in reports.

Completed bid proposals can be returned to customers in spreadsheet form through a comprehensive final estimating cost analyses or tailored to suit their individual needs.

Network Control

Enterprise users have the option of distributing a bid package to partner companies using e)SYS for quotation from a single source.

Risk is reduced with drilled down visibility from 1st tier suppliers and throughout their 2nd and 3rd tier supply chains.