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e)SYS is developed by a small team of business professionals that work in the supply of aircraft structures to the global aerospace industry. In 1999, Aeroalliance® was incorporated to develop web based tools for the collaborative networking of peer groups of SME suppliers. The intent was to have companies collaborate on larger more integrated work packages which in most cases were too large and presented too much risk to be undertaken by any one company, but with a cluster of capabilities this was possible.

The development of quick and reliable management tools that gave the team real time visibility with each other from estimating through stable serial production was paramount. At the same time we required the flexibility to access and enter information from multiple locations and have this information relevant at all times. e)SYS answers these requirements by eliminating the frustrations and errors encountered developing bids and managing supply chains often with compact lead-times.

e)SYS was created for the web from the beginning and is growing into a suite of visual management applications with flexibility to always have the latest information available from any global location and work with a supply chain in real time. No more worries about all working off the same spreadsheet, e)SYS data is always fresh.

Drive down the time and cost creating bids by seamlessly building manufacturing plans and bills of material whilst developing timelines and reporting functions to manage the exceptions to first time deliverables.